I was curious to see how my neighborhood would react to social distancing while trying to honor Trick-Or-Treat. When you’re a parent, you know without saying these activities are for the kids. In a way for ourselves too as we keep these traditions alive by passing them on. There’s joy in seeing a child’s joy so it’s not entirely without merit to experience trick-or-treating as an adult.

I know some parents who set up a network of “virtual doors” and did Halloween online, exclusively. Other parents, like myself, set up a candy station on the driveway (see example pics below), others at the curbs of their homes, complete with complimentary hand sanitizer. Adults and kids had incorporated their masks as part of their costumes. It was notably straightforward, easy even. Easier (for me) than running to the door every few minutes to a non-stop doorbell, pushing candy into eager little hands. Pandemic or not, I’m setting up a candy station for foreseeable Halloweens, lol!

Much like experiencing the relief of the communal effort in getting the kids ready for back-to-school, I experienced relief in knowing that adults were still able to engage their children in socialization while teaching them valuable lessons in flexibility. Human evolution is only made possible by our willingness to adapt. Don’t mourn for how things are different, rejoice in how socialization can still occur if you’re willing to think (and do) differently. If anything this Halloween was incredibly efficient and I talked to my neighbors more during this round of trick-or-treating than I could recall (masked and minding distance) since ringing the doorbell was eliminated. Homeowners hung around their front lawns minding the tables, again, masked and from a distance. The result was loud and happy conversation.

It was a great experience. I’m sharing some photos. I was dressed as Morticia Addams, my daughter as Wednesday Addams. I didn’t think to take a full-length shot of myself until I took the wig off…sorry. That half hour before heading out to trick-or-treat is always hectic. But I got some amazing shots of the Blue Moon or Taurus Moon. The moon was so sharp the image came back with flares so I switched to night mode. Also included is a picture of Sir Patrick (my guardian house gnome) a midst my pumpkins, just looking cool.