Writer’s Lift Wednesday #37

A fuller day than usual and while it is the evening we got there in the end ๐Ÿ˜‰

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(1) “Past the bleeding night / To a greeting dawn,” from the poem โ€œForecasting Your Hurts.โ€

(2) Oh but the startlingly contrasts of this photo, Golden autumn meets winter, Engadin, Switzerland.

(3) “A life which seemed long till then / seemed shorter than ever / as memories kept spinning here and there,” from the poem “Significant’s End.”

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. “Forecasting Your Hurts,” by romanticindeed via Modern Romanticism

To note
Simplistic punishment,
Rising from sadness, buried
Of your eyes to see a glimpse
To be all you need,
Of a smile
That can warm you
For the needed while.

read the full piece here

2. Golden autumn meets winter, Engadin, Switzerland by u/YungFischfilet via reddit

3. “Significant’s End,” by Nishant Gang via The Poet and the Pen

And it kept spinning while everything stood still,
for a brief period sound went mute.
Every insignificant became bright
due to the light of reminiscence.
Cluster of calls from a time now gone
was the only thing audible.

read the full piece here