Batteries (an erotic short)

I use a battery operated device in your absence. I wasn’t too fancy whilst naming my favorite toy; simply, Dick. My globally conscious mind insists upon a rechargeable upgrade. Why should the planet be made to suffer my endless parade of batteries, all in the name of masturbation? But Dick reminds me of you: strong, insistent, powerful. In fact, I make it a point to call out your name as I pleasure myself with his hardened, vibrating silicone. No, no. I can’t be rid of old, Dick. He knows my G-spot, a tricky postal code delivered to with confidence. Modern, sleek, environmentally-friendly devices will always be available. Not my, Dick. Like you, the mold was broken. I’m afraid batteries are forever to make the grocery list.

Of course, I’d rather be navigating your far superior cock. As I’ve said, Dick is but a toy, a distraction in your name. You wouldn’t begrudge me that playful frolic…would you?

Christina Schmidt, MA

[I’ve been tinkering with a few pieces over my break and decided to drop a few before coming back to my regular AWC schedule. Feedback, thoughts, and impressions are, as always, welcome. Happy 2021!]