The F*ckery Continues

I am doing my level best to keep my sh*t together.

The New Year did not kick off well…read that post here. Then Texas got hit with a snowstorm. Common for many parts of the world, not in the south. We don’t have the infrastructures, resources, or safety plans (on paper we do, in actuality, not at all) in place to accommodate a snowstorm. Great big chunks of Austin’s power went down because some d*ckhead (or several d*ckheads) did not know how to properly conduct controlled, rolling blackouts. I was without power in freezing temperatures with my 8-year old for nearly 40 hours. Several homes had full power with no complaints. I sat in my house with my child, candles and flashlights, bundled up in triple layers under blankets, and did the best I could to remain positive while heating bread over my gas stove to make toast and other simple food items. The fact that we have a gas stove…I had never been so thankful in all my life.

We played board games and told stories. We did the best we could with Jenga given our hands were shaking. I’m normally quite good with Jenga, my daughter more so. I discovered I loathe the game, “Brain Games” for kids. No surprise, Scrabble is still a favorite.

Luckily I had full charge on my cell phone and when that depleted, I siphoned off the battery charge of my laptop because I couldn’t use it anyway. My concern was not the internet but access to the outside world. I was able to push videos through on YouTube (they were preloaded) so that was good but I was not able to come through on client work for the week. Thankfully, my clients have been very understanding and I didn’t lose any business either. In this respect, I am grateful as many could not work, or lost several days worth of work, during this weather crisis…top that off with a pandemic…everyone is enduring as best they can.

Fast-forward, the power was restored and roughly 12 hours after that Austin’s water pressure dropped and then entirely shutoff. Now I have to go on a water hunt, assuming there is any to be had. I “shoveled” my driveway. Given I do not have a proper snow shovel and have a regular ground shovel, I scraped more than shoveled but I cleared that damn driveway. I do know how to drive cautiously on ice/snow roads, although many do not and it shows, accidents are prevalent down here.

I try to make light of it on my social media outlets but the fact is, I am f*cking tired. If I can’t be real here, then what’s the point?


[I am not in the mood to humor grammatical blah, blah. This post is what it is.]