Catching Up

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to report that we’ve had full recovery of power and water. I was down to my last few bottles of water before I made the decision to check into a hotel with my daughter in neighboring Kyle, Texas. I was fortunate, the hotel was perhaps 15-20 minutes from my house. For a few days I shuttled back and forth between the two locations as I still needed to work and check in on Pip, my guinea pig 😁. He’s fine by the way. When we were at freezing temperatures and without power, I gave Pip a blanket because he had fluffed up (what guinea pigs do when they’re cold) and the little fur-ball nested and hibernated.

While in Kyle, I was able to stock up on drinking water as Austin was under a boil water notice regardless of running water or not. Kyle, Texas was ORGANIZED to say the least and I was thankful.

While I was able to carry on with my work on YouTube (to an extent, I didn’t complete a full schedule because I was exhausted) I am now catching up to correspondence and client work. That is to say, I won’t be back to producing the “sexy stuff” on WordPress just yet. 😂 🤣 Trust me, I look forward to the normalcy of it compared to this 🤪

Several folks reached out and offered to personally order supplies on our behalf and even drive things down to us. You don’t know how that touched me. Even when things were at their hardest, I still had reason to feel my best.

Thank you ❤️