Social Media & Me

This post is as much for my reference as anyone else. I’ve held various accounts over different social media platforms over the years, I’ve done away with most, but I’m frequently contacted regarding my social media; where I can be found and how can people engage with me. These inquiries typically stem from my YouTube channel. If you’ve followed me here from the channel, welcome. Please know I keep my writer’s blog, ArmedWithCoffee (AWC), separate from Sassy Scorpion Tarot. This is done so consciously. Writing is my hobby. If you contact me for YouTube channel questions via AWC, I will not respond. This is a writer’s forum. I will only respond to questions or inquiries as they pertain to my writing or poetry. I will only approve comments that pertain to my writing and poetry.

Social Media & Writing

My blog:
The associated (and unprofessional) blog/vlog channel: Christina Schmidt
Amazon links (a list of published works): About AWC

Social Media & Sassy Scorpion Tarot

The channel: Sassy Scorpion Tarot
Instagram: sassy_scorpion_tarot
Note: I may or may not connect or respond to DMs. If I know you IRL or you were a client, I will likely connect or correspond.

Social Media, General

LinkedIn: Christina Schmidt
Note: The LinkedIn account may be a bit wonky, I’ve only reset the account after roughly 14 months or more of no activity. In my efforts to create a new account and merge my old data, yours truly, who is a technological wonder (ha ha) actually got locked out of my account more than a year ago. I totally botched it and I put off figuring it out because it wasn’t a priority as I was launching into my channel full-time. I recently got back into my account (after much verification) and was greeted with a slew of messages: Where’d you go? What happened? Why’d you drop me? Etc. I don’t know what I did but I think it’s fixed? On my end it’s active. If you want to connect on LinkedIn and my profile doesn’t pull up, let me know. Sigh.

I am no longer on Twitter. I held an account for my writing but I found Twitter to be a black hole, an endless vacuum of written noise containing people’s brain farts so I gladly shut it down.

I am no longer on Facebook. Unfortunately, too many folks whom I did not know were trying to connect with me personally. I viewed Facebook as private (for family and friends) so I maxed out on the settings trying to protect that privacy and in so doing concluded there was no point to FB as the settings were so high no one could really engage with my page. I shut it down. I may open a professional page for Sassy Scorpion Tarot on Facebook in future so I can stream vids there too but, again, it will be a professional page.

Okie-dokie. I think that covers it.

Christina Schmidt, MA