The Kiss 2.0 (a poem)

[Painting, “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt]

Two sets of eyes, signaling truths
Warm smiles, issuing polite conversation
Close, never touching

Moments known to them
Moments both precious and fleeting
Here and there, time and space

Weeks, months, years of moments
Seconds of a heartbeat, a lifetime of feeling
Enough to satiate until their eyes next locked

A chance, a gap, a sliver
An indulgence; more than a moment had
What they make now must last

An alignment formed by Chaos
Holding back time itself
Taking pity on The Lovers

At the wall, aquiver with excitement
Without witness, without fear
Seconds to minutes

Hearts thunder demands
Cries for reparations
Being so long divided

He initiates, downward tilt of the head
Face upturned, she meets him there

The Kiss
Earned. Glorious.

Christina Schmidt, MA

I, I can remember / Standing by the wall
And the guns shot above our heads / And we kissed as though nothing could fall