Scratchings #1

To be clear…

I did not delete AWC, I deactivated it. I do my best to honor my intuition and, simply, my intuition told me I was not done with ArmedWithCoffee.

I am currently reactivating the blog as I have several poetry pieces under consideration for publication (fingers crossed) and I was asked about the site 🤷‍♀️ so here we are ladies and gentlemen. I will keep the site open long enough for those persons interested to further sample my work. What happens after this I do not know, but we will find out.

Christina Schmidt, MA
*wish me luck*

PS – Apologies if this is a repost. I’m not sure I had the settings readjusted for public viewing so I consolidated two messages just to be sure. Me and tech…I don’t know if we’ll ever get along.

The odd bits and pieces that have drifted into my mind…

such as mine
reduced to 4s
maybe one day
I’ll add up again

I fell up a cliff for you
Because it defied gravity
I had to, naturally

love flows
warm and red
not one glass touched
just talking to you
put me to bed, Love
I’ve had too much to drink

my way
and why not?
everyone else walks