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Christina Schmidt, MA

It’s Here! Texas’s Best Emerging Poets 2019

For a full list of #published works, please visit the About section.

Thanks for all the support, y’all.

Cheers, Christina

PS – On Writing Erotica (My Goals), a vlog, will be released on schedule, tomorrow, Jan. 5th. Thanks

Happy Holidays from ArmedWithCoffee

I have never been so challenged in my writing as I was this year, nor so in touch with it. The more I am pushed, the more I discover within my abilities.

To date, it has been my immense privilege to be published four times: Two short stories and a poem; “Snowbound” was so well received it was published twice. My poem “Attic Movers” being published this year still startles me and I’ve begun to entertain new ambitions in the direction of poetry.

And YES, I will continue to pursue publication for, The Kiss. So many of you expressed disappointment in it not being chosen for publication this year.

You guys are amazing, and I am not in the least bit deterred. I believe The Kiss was meant for something bigger. Of all my pieces, The Kiss is my favorite. I will see it brought into the world. You have my word on that.

To the writing community, to the poetry community, to friends and family, thank you. Some of you provided feedback on my work, you shared your thoughts and feelings, and some of you simply nudged.


I’m grateful.

– Christina

PS – Just some house business. I don’t normally do this as it’s not my rhythm to schedule blogs but I am giving a date for the next vlog: On Writing Erotica (My Goals).

I am officially scheduling it for release on January 5th, Sunday. The interest being what it is…it’s just easier to give a date.

Goodness, I hope the vlog lives up to the demand.

Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA

Available for Purchase – Texas’s Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology

I was just notified that the 2019 collection of poems, Texas’s Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology, featuring my debut poem “Attic Movers,” is now available for purchase!!!

And guess what!? Mine is the last poem listed in the collection! The first and last listings in a collection are poetry real estate! What a privilege.

THANK YOU for all the support. Your encouragement and feedback have gotten me through some difficult days. I am grateful for these small steps in publication but it’s the writing community that keeps me going.

When in doubt, write.

Featuring my poem, “Attic Movers”
Texas’s Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology

Featuring my short story “Snowbound”
America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, Vol. II (2018)
Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction (2018)

Featuring my short story “Integrated Product”
America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States (2019)

Here’s to you:

Yes, that is a full glass of wine my friends. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA “Baby Bard”

Poetry Publication & Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me!


Actually, my birthday is the 19th but I have some happy news to share so why not double up on celebrations? Also, I’ll be breaking from my usual Sunday morning of writing and blogging as I’m participating in the Miles for a Mission 5K at St. Edward’s University.

On with the news.

I had surprised myself by submitting my first poetry package at the start of October. That package included three poems and one was accepted! Two fell under the category of love/romance and one under thoughts/reflections.

Attic Movers (thoughts/reflections) was accepted! I was pleasantly surprised. I wrote Attic Movers, and a batch of other poems, in 2002 (a hell of a year).

I knew submitting under the love/romance category would be tricky as it is, by far, the largest category in the realm of poetry. Poets with more experience and talent than I would make me an unlikely runner. I submitted The Kiss and Pulse. Why did I do that knowing the odds? I thrive on rejection, naturally. Haha.

Actually, The Kiss was, and remains, a heavy contender in my creative arsonal, it is my most popular poem next to She Left. However, despite this piece not making the cut, I received excellent feedback and will continue to shop The Kiss around. Pulse was an impulse submission. I like it’s fluidity but I didn’t expect it to go through.

However, despite this small success, I maintain that I am not a poet…Word Masher, maybe. Poet Newb. Baby Bard. Something like that.

2002, eh? Don’t dismiss those past endeavors. Some stuff still proves useful…if you let it.

Thank you for the support, the love, and the feedback.

Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA

Surprise Poetry Submissions & Blog Update

Hello Friends,

No in-depth blog this week (random or intended) as I’m currently working through a lot of material. I’m a one-woman blogger and writer so these sort of non-blog weeks are unavoidable but know that part of mind is always here in this wonderful community of writers and poets. Speaking of which…

1. THANK YOU ALL for the overwhelming support for my latest poem, “She Left.” I was taken aback by the private responses. I felt simultaneously supported and saddened. To know this kind of pain resonates with so many…well…in a way it prods my wound but also reaffirms the release of my work. It brings to mind a quote from Hemingway, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

2. I surprised myself earlier in the month when I submitted my first ever poetry package (including the mighty “The Kiss,” which continues to receive a lot of attention, so another THANK YOU to the poetry community) to a publishing house I’ve worked with before. I’ve stated this fact several times, I do not identify as a poet. I appreciate the medium, adore it really, and even dared a few constructs, but I make no claim to being a poet.

I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the risk (something I’ve discussed at length in this blog, Regret) as I’m gaining experience in the field regardless of the decision. I should know around my birthday in November, so it’s either going to be HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA or…meh, better luck next year.

If you’re reading this, thanks again G.O. 

3. My next blog will be a book review for the novel Good Girl, Bad Girl, by Michael Robotham. I’m currently devouring the book, licking my fingers as I go, not wanting to miss a crumb. Robotham is a favorite and I all but salivated when he dropped this one in July – that’s how behind I am in my reading list – now I’m back on track, ready to rip into it. I expect that blog to be out Sunday or Tuesday of next week.

“When I grow-up” (as a writer) I want to be Michael Robotham. I enjoy using psychological elements in my work, my reading preferences are no different. Robotham makes the atypical mind look downright normal. Complex characters are presented so smoothly I’m often knocked out of the story in disbelief. Here was a recent thought I had while reading Good Girl, Bad Girl: How the fuck did he just lay that out!? What!? How!? HOW DOES HE WRITE LIKE THAT!? *smacks head

4. Just an answer to those folks who’ve expressed curiosity about my Twitter handle. The muggle bit is straightforward but people ask what the GNR stands for. In the 90s, I was all about Guns N’ Roses and continued to be even after the music stopped. Harry Potter and online handles seemed to explode at the same time. I just crammed together two of my favorite things. It may seem silly but I never have to worry about originality. No string of numbers attached to my online handles, thank you very much.

Alright y’all, that’s me updated. Keep your fingers crossed on my latest submission. I’ll let you know the decision regardless as these endeavors are not just meant to express the positive outcomes. Take care out there.

Christina Schmidt, MA

Blog Update

Apologies for the silence.

At the start of every fall semester there are three critical weeks on any given university campus. I am currently in the final stretch.

No joke, I’ve completed four punch-cards for free coffee at my local campus shop, Jo’s Coffee (shoutout to Jo’s). Armed-with-coffee, indeed.

Believe me, I look forward to resuming my regular blogging schedule.

If you’re reading this, send coffee. And no, I don’t think I have a “problem.”

Christina Schmidt, MA

PS – I Got a Job

My goal has been to consistently publish a blog once a week, usually a Tuesday. That goal wasn’t always met but I managed it for the most part. I will need to find a new blogging rhythm because…

I’m thrilled to announce, after more than a year of searching, I was hired as a part-time manager to the Bookstore at St. Edward’s University, also my alma mater.


It was my privilege to counsel students for nearly a decade. I got to be apart of hundreds of developing stories as students worked out what they were doing and why.

When I took time away from counseling to raise my family, I explored writing professionally and now there’s no going back.

The only drawback to writing full-time was my increasing sense of restlessness. I have a lot of energy and experience. Prior to my work as a counselor, I put myself through college at the same Bookstore I now find myself employed with.

What can I say, I know books.

It’s a thrill and an honor to be back. I have time for a career in books and in writing. It’s so perfect it borders the fantastic.

Christina Schmidt, MA

America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States (Available for Purchase)

I am so pleased to announce my new short story, “Integrated Product,” was published as part of the 2019 Emerging series by Z Publishing.

22 authors and their short stories were selected to represent the Plains States.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 4.54.10 PM - Edited

From Z Publishing’s website:

In America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States, 22 up-and-coming writers representing five states across the Great Plains (KS, MO, NE, OK, and TX) share their short fiction stories. Covering a wide array of themes ranging from love and heartbreak, family and friendship, the inherent beauty of nature, and so much more, these young talents will amaze you. Containing one short story per author, this anthology is a compelling introduction to the great wordsmiths of tomorrow.

To purchase America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States, click here.
[Featuring my short story, “Integrated Product,” 2019]

To purchase America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, Vol. II, click here.
[Featuring my short story, “Snowbound,” 2018]

To purchase Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, click here.
[Featuring my short story, “Snowbound,” 2018]

Additionally, all collections are available (Plains States coming soon) on!

Thank you for ongoing support!

Christina Schmidt

America’s Emerging Writers

I am ridiculously pleased to announce my short-story, “Snowbound,” received a second publication! I only learned about the surprise selection a few weeks ago, on my birthday of all days. Happy birthday indeed!

Originally published under the short-story collective, Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, by Z Publishing, “Snowbound,” alongside a shortlist of other up-and-coming authors (also from the original series), were selected to appear in the new collective, America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction. “Snowbound” is published in Volume II.

Thank you all for your ongoing support! I dare say it, I may actually have a shot at getting the attention of a literary agent or publisher for my novel, Ruth Rises (originally titled as, Ruth).

From Z Publishing’s Website:

“There is a troubling catch-22 that exists in the world of publishing: in order to be published—at least by any of the major houses—you must already have been published. Inevitably, this cycle leaves the aspiring writer with the pressing question of where to begin. This is why, in the winter of 2017, we started our Emerging Writers series—to showcase the work of talented writers and poets across the nation who may otherwise not have had the opportunity.

Nearly two years later, those efforts have culminated in perhaps our most ambitious project to date. In America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, 127 of our favorite up-and-coming writers (representing all 50 states) join together to share their words. Covering a wide array of genres ranging from satire, mystery, comedy, literary fiction and more, these young talents will amaze you. Containing one story per writer, this anthology is a compelling introduction to the great wordsmiths of tomorrow.”

Purchase America’s Emerging Writers, Volume II, on Z Publishing’s Website

Purchase America’s Emerging Authors, Volume II, on Amazon

Texas’s Emerging Writers is Now Available on Amazon

You can now order Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction on Amazon! I’m thrilled to be part of this effort by Z Publishing whose aim in highlighting burgeoning authors across the nation is inspiring.

To my readers, family, and friends, thank you all for your ongoing support.

Order on Amazon

Order from Z Publishing

Pre-Orders for Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction


You’ll have noticed *ahem* an absence of blog activities from ArmedWithCoffee but for good reasons, many of which I’ll address in an upcoming blog. For now though, know that I’ve been hard at work.

And on the to the good…no…great news! My short story “Snowbound” will be published in the upcoming anthology – Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction! I’m thrilled, I’m excited, I’m dumbfounded. It’s been a real pleasure to see the works of so many new and upcoming authors from my state. I’ve enjoyed their stories and I hope you will too.

You can pre-order your copy of the book via Z Publishing’s website here:

Austin, Texas


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