AWC Supports

AWC Supports is a page devoted to local businesses and cultural centers that I whole heartedly support. Some I have happily patroned for years, others I am just becoming acquainted with. All support the arts or community in some way.

While I write to you from Austin, Texas please know these organizations have an online presence that I hope may be of benefit to you no matter where you are in the world.

More businesses and art centers coming soon!

“BookPeople has been the leading independent bookstore in Texas since 1970.”
As a customer, I can tell you BookPeople is for book people. Their recommendations are phenomenal and they offer a wide variety of genres. Additionally, shelf space is a priority in an independent store which makes their children section that much more astonishing. BookPeople also offers a variety of in-house, independent book clubs. The name says it all. Personally, I’ve visited BookPeople since the 90s and I never walk away empty handed…I’m fine with that.

“South Congress Books celebrates the book as an object of value and beauty…Owner Sheri Tornatore has 30 years of experience in the collectible book business.” South Congress Books is a bookstore that trades in collectible, vintage, and unique books. The online inventory is not vast as South Congress Books deals in collectibles, however, I would recommend keeping your eye on the FEATURED section of the website…you never know what literary jewel may make an appearance, including the occasional author signature. I still regret passing on a Stephen King signed copy of The Stand. Why tho?

“As the primary art collection for the city of Austin, the Blanton Museum of Art is a major resource for the community. With more than 19,000 works in the collection, the Blanton showcases art from across the ages, from ancient greek pottery to abstract expressionism.” Seriously, The Blanton is ahead of everybody. I directly linked off their #MuseumFromHome page. Want the museum experience from home? The Blanton Museum of Art is on it. The Blanton occasionally live streams their exhibitions and you can explore their permanent collection online!

“Crystal Works is a family business local to Austin since 1974. We started as a modest craft booth specializing in Swarovski crystal mobiles. As we traveled from trade fair to trade fair, the business bloomed, allowing us to expand into minerals, jewelry, gems.” I have been visiting Crystal Works since they first opened inside BookPeople (see above). I get crystals, focal stones and other spiritual tools for my tarot business from Crystal Works. Their stuff is legit and carefully scrutinized for purity before being sold to the public. It’s a small shop with a vast inventory.

“Things Celtic began importing products from Ireland in 1997. In 1999 we opened our first store front location in Austin…There are about 300 items on the website and over 3,000 in the store!” To answer your first question, yes, they sell kilts! I LOVE, THINGS CELTIC. Their imports are the real deal. Everything from textiles, ceramics, and jewelry – all made from artists and craftsmen of Ireland. Things Celtic offers some imported art and music of Ireland too, they even carry a limited selection of imported food stuffs. (Things Celtic relocated to the city of Dublin, Texas.)

More businesses and art centers coming soon!

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