Blogs (About Writing)

A Pep Talk to Writers and Poets
released: 04/07/2020

The 5 Stages of Writing (Satire)
released: 03/22/2020

The Kiss: An Update
released: 03/15/2020

Don’t Like It? Don’t Read It.
released: 02/15/2020

Social Media and Stats and Emails, Oh My
released: 01/11/2020

Three Lines and 17 Syllables
released: 08/11/2019

released: 10/01/2019

Writing Habits
released: 12/11/2018

Support That Isn’t
released: 09/13/2018

Books Read: Summer 2017 – 2018
released: 08/09/2018

The UK Trip
released: 06/14/2017

Interesting Words
released: 05/20/2017

Favorite Quotes
released: 05/10/2017

The Book I Left Off
released: 03/30/2017

Books of Influence
released: 03/28/2017

Literary Agents and Queries…
released: 03/26/2017

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