The New Direction of AWC

Dear Writers, Poets & Bloggers: I had a long talk with myself about why I have yet to produce the next, and very late, Q&A vlog. The answer was simple enough: I didn’t want to devote the 10 or so minutes necessary to present would essentially be boring but pertinent information. I want all futureContinue reading “The New Direction of AWC”

Please Know…

Hello All, I am in a place of balancing my correspondence. Many of you will have noted my comments are not as frequent nor as thoughtful (the latter is a note-to-self perspective). Some of you are aware that I am a full-time YouTuber as well as writer and poet. My YouTube channel is time consumingContinue reading “Please Know…”

Sassy Scorpion Tarot / New Reading Schedule

Hello All, The new weekly readings are available on YouTube! I have made several adjustments based on feedback and I am pleased to say the lighting is stable and the framing is more balanced. Everything is looking and sounding A LOT more solid. Even more visual improvements to come when my new camera arrives. IContinue reading “Sassy Scorpion Tarot / New Reading Schedule”

Intuition: An Update

For publication reasons I am withdrawing my poem, “Intuition” from AWC. I am pleasantly surprised by the attention is has received. The emails I received were inspiring, touching. I decided to shop “Intuition” this spring. Like “The Kiss,” I didn’t want folks to guess about where the piece went so I am letting you know.Continue reading “Intuition: An Update”

AWC is Cleaned Up (Finally)

Last update before going dark for a week (referenced briefly here). AWC was overhauled (Part I) and now cleaned up (Part II). The tabs actually make sense now. I have no idea why the articles became compressed when organized by tab but everything ought to be stable now. Run across a broken link? Shoot meContinue reading “AWC is Cleaned Up (Finally)”