Fingers (an erotic poem)

*This poem contains erotic subject matter. Twin nevi on my neck Connect the dots, draw the line Continue on to that most dramatic bone Dip into that velvet hollow I rejoice in a fingered clavicle Skilled, warm fingers (such as I adore) I’ve ‘nother silken hollow You’ve determined to explore My sigh is your name,Continue reading “Fingers (an erotic poem)”

A Man’s Thigh (an erotic poem)

*This poem contains erotic subject matter. “and again“ was on the lighter side, this piece lands more middle or so I believe. Erotic poetry is harder to gauge. As always, your thoughts are welcome. PS – Yes, I intend to follow-up on my current writing projects in a Q&A vlog – including my erotica fictionContinue reading “A Man’s Thigh (an erotic poem)”

Death’s Door (a poem)

Leave his heart at my door You’re overdue you know That organ Not for you anymore This is my job Let me handle it You fear the accusation Abandonment *shrugs shoulders* Why do you care? Besides He dropped yours off first *points to a jar* You see Over there Your heart in a jar DeliveredContinue reading “Death’s Door (a poem)”

and again (an erotic poem)

*This blog contains erotic subject matter. I’ve recently taken up erotic poetry and I’m enjoying it but I’m finding it more difficult to gauge. This is one of my lighter pieces. Let me know your thoughts, please. I am driven by the sight of you By thought alone what I would do to you givenContinue reading “and again (an erotic poem)”

Finality (a poem)

Marriage begins with paper ends with it too. Quite surprising how perfunctory a decade can be summarized, detailed, logged, filed. The first page two names. A joining. A future. How crisp. Clean. The end page same names. Faults factual. No future. How crumpled. Torn. Documents don’t contain the screams the accusations the sleepless nights butContinue reading “Finality (a poem)”