Moonstruck (a poem)

“La bella luna! The moon brings the woman to the man. Capice?” Moonstruck (1987) featured image: Woman of the Full Moon by Robert Magnus incandescent by the light of that great orb the path she walks alone, unclothed, defenseless some choose harsh rays, heat of day she radiates by way of night whispers, lit uponContinue reading “Moonstruck (a poem)”

Scorpion Squished (a poem)

Outfitted with a stinger Your existence is a threat Most creatures conceal their weapons Left unchecked even as they harm But oh no, not the scorpion Your weapon is on display Thus, you had it coming Not really a poem, more like words born out of irritation. I meant to type this up a fewContinue reading “Scorpion Squished (a poem)”

Shift (an erotic poem)

This one started out serious and ended up as being fun, taken by a moment. As always, thoughts are welcome. His approach provokes thoughts Movement, breathtaking in it’s own right [decided, intended, forward] He flips the attention onto me Distracting me from admiring his prowess I love the way you move I think you’ll goContinue reading “Shift (an erotic poem)”

Cascades (an erotic poem)

As always, thoughts are welcome. Good call, G. Hair is highly visual. blonde cascades spill over you what the softest of strands fail to cover my mouth will provide whispers of locks caressing skin falling haphazardly across the elongated form that is you lips enough hair to spill ’round both our heads blocking the lightContinue reading “Cascades (an erotic poem)”

Mouth (an erotic poem)

This one is a bit twisty. My appreciation of “tasking” wouldn’t stop as I was developing this piece. I respect the process; how I see it is how I see it. Decidedly free verse poetry. I’ve paid homage to a powerful encounter with “The Kiss” but I never really addressed the importance of that firstContinue reading “Mouth (an erotic poem)”