burning alive (a poem)

the wretched thing inside youwrithing, pulsating, mindlessdesiring what it cannot haveuseless, pointless, impotentpray to me, i am Goddess of the Unrequited forfeit your desires since day and nightmy body burns without relief, heart remains untouched an experience not for the faint or weak-kneedall promises unfulfilled will find their homeleave your dreams of another at my…

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his quiet reflections (a poem)

Looking upon the lives of othersA kaleidoscope of colors and childlike wonders ‘I used to be seen,’ he recallsA scream lodged in his chest at the chance to be someone different Ready made box, a popular life modelLess of a fuss, nice and modestHe won’t live life twice, tacked to his third act as he…

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retreat (#35)

in that sacred spacebetween sleep and wakevisions and realities bluryou are right to hidei’m just no good why else would you run Christina Schmidt, MAarmedwithcoffee

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unfold (an erotic poem)

your lips take in the length of my necki sigh as i open towards yourelease of air, tension leaving my bodyi am nervous as i unfold to you, my thighs slowly part asyour fingers gently whisper across that skin, rose petals, velvet softyour warm hand soothes me, keeping me grounded to this time and placeour…

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horizon (a poem)

An empire on the horizon.The best is yet to come.I have seen it.I saw you too. Once.True to reality.You blurred and became history.One vision proved stronger.Than the other. I never asked you to war with me.Simply, I asked you to be with me.Hide where you need to hide, Love.I live life. You get by.Our perpetual…

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Music: Desire by Meg Myers

Just heard this song today and had to share. I have little else to say to this vibe other than, yes. Meg Myers gets it…100%. Such a lovely thing to be understood through music. Happy weekend, indeed. Lyrics (provided by Genius) “Desire,” by Meg Myers. Album, Sorry. [Verse 1] Baby, I wanna touch youI wanna…

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