dreams (a poem)

I am a woman you know butnever knew. Convinced we’re all the samedreams, wisps of smoke. Here today, gone tomorrow.No honor, no loyalty. Not strong enough to summonthe likes of you. Truth; you’ve no strength for me.You fear what cannot be contained.In your dreams I remain. Smoke slipping through fingers.Drifting back to the ethers. Like…

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Chandelier (a poem)

A beautiful distraction.You illuminate, naturally everyone looks up to you.Their eyes drawn to you.You bring light where there is darkness, taking away the fear.One day, I reached for you.I wanted to be where you are up above.I got there and I was in awe.Time passed and I hurt.In your light I am cold: No care.…

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Wrestle, Part II (an erotic short)

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Wrestle, Part I (click here) …I reach below for your magnificent bulge, doing it’s best to defy its denim prison. I stroke you. Your breathing eases as does your tension, but not the desire. Never the desire. I offer you no metaphors. No confusion. No allusions…

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The Herd (a poem)

My love, bury me in your words.They keep meseparate fromthe herd.While I roammidst my brethrenI am with you. In your words,I am apart fromeveryone else. Christina Schmidt, MAarmedwithcoffee [There is a Wrestle, Part II (***omg, the emails***) I promise 😊 and a general blog-writing update. I never seem to have more than 5 minutes to…

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Wrestle, Part I (an erotic short)

You playfully swat my ponytail. I cut my eyes to the side, squinting at you as I speak, You know I hate that. I don’t like it when my hair is messed with and you damn well know it. Without word you do it again, annoying me, wanting my attention. As your hand smacks the…

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burning alive (a poem)

the wretched thing inside youwrithing, pulsating, mindlessdesiring what it cannot haveuseless, pointless, impotentpray to me, i am Goddess of the Unrequited forfeit your desires since day and nightmy body burns without relief, heart remains untouched an experience not for the faint or weak-kneedall promises unfulfilled will find their homeleave your dreams of another at my…

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