About My Poetry

Welcome to my Poetry page. This page contains both erotic and non-erotic poetry.

All truths. All inspired.

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Music: Chantaje by Shakira & Pussy Control by Prince

First, “Chantaje” (lyrics provided by Genius) by Shakira. I don’t know how or why Shakira fell off my musical rotation. She has real vocal talent (that is to say, not manufactured) and while Shakira is hot, it’s more than that. She has real spirit in her music: sound, dance, and presentation. One of my favorites…

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Batteries (an erotic short)

I use a battery operated device in your absence. I wasn’t too fancy whilst naming my favorite toy; simply, Dick. My globally conscious mind insists upon a rechargeable upgrade. Why should the planet be made to suffer my endless parade of batteries, all in the name of masturbation? But Dick reminds me of you: strong,…

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thrusts (an erotic poem)

*material contains mature (sexual) content* swollen, wet ridgesclench down, tighten around your cockthrusts obliterate me, yet I remain determinednot an inch of you will escapeuntil I’m satisfiedonly then I will relinquishyour precious, pulsing member Christina Schmidt, MAarmedwithcoffee.com [I’ve been tinkering with a few pieces over my break and decided to drop a few before coming…

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purple (an erotic short)

Crumpled sheets. Somewhere a midst that twisted chaos is my purple negligee. You had run your hands down the fabric, pressing the clothing in and around my hips long enough to define the outline of my sex. Like that negligee your hands are smooth, fluid; coaxing it, coaxing me. The flimsy thing all but melted…

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nipples (an erotic short)

My nipples tighten and swell. Darling I beg you, relieve the pressure. Gently pull a peak through parted lips and work my flesh. Then the other. And back again. So on. I choke on my own gasps, taken aback by the simple, rippling pleasures. Panties intact and chaffing. My clit throbs in disbelief and envy…

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AWC On Hiatus

Hello Everyone! AWC is going on hiatus for a bit and this is intended on my part. My YouTube channel, Sassy Scorpion Tarot, as well as my subsequent business, is now entering the second phase for development. I am thrilled and pleased beyond measure. As we enter the holidays, I want to be able to…

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