Mouth (an erotic poem)

This one is a bit twisty. My appreciation of “tasking” wouldn’t stop as I was developing this piece. I respect the process; how I see it is how I see it. Decidedly free verse poetry.

I’ve paid homage to a powerful encounter with “The Kiss” but I never really addressed the importance of that first contact. As a woman who is cognizant of her sexuality, I know what my tipping point is. The “yea or nay” is often determined in that oh-so-critical, first mouth to mouth contact.

As always, let me know your thoughts.

a friend of the them
until they get in the way

must I be so blunt?
put your mouth on me

words have their purpose, fair enough
they got you this far
take it further

perpetual woman I am
I’ve a to-do list for you – your
mouth and tongue – respectively

1. shut up

2. kiss me firmly, full attention

3. use tongue, teasingly
(don’t choke me with it
for fuck’s sake
nobody likes that)

4. linger here in this kiss
(did you feel the moan
in the back of my throat?
by god, good job)

5. break away, pay heed to my neck
(critical, don’t approach me
if you can’t be bothered
with a collarbone)

6. go on, then
(devour everything
you can get your mouth on
time is no longer relevant)

manageable list, i should think
if not
we part ways

not to reduce you
to a couple of muscles
or take away the
wisdom of your words

just saying
know when it’s time
to stop the conversation
and put that mouth to work

Mouth (an erotic poem) by
Christina Schmidt, MA

Weekly Tarot Readings Available: 06/01/20

Hello All,

The new weekly readings are available on YouTube!

This week’s focus: General Love Reading (bi-monthly)

I’m sharing Libra’s reading. As you will see, I went very Sassy with Libra this week but for good reason! So proud of you, Libra! To see your sign, visit Sassy Scorpion Tarot.

[Private Readings – I am offering limited private readings at this time (Sassy’s website is still under construction). If you go to purchase a reading from me and the message box in PayPal says FULL, then my reading schedule is full. Please check back on the date indicated. You want to work with me and I want to work with you too. Thank you for considering me as your reader; a privilege and an honor.]

Thank you for your good energies. Sassy Fam is growing – fast.  💞💞💞

Take care and be well. I will see you in the stars.

Christina “Sassy”
Sassy Scorpion Tarot

Writer’s Lift Wednesday #16

This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing.

(3.) From Jeremiah S Blanchard’s article, “Words are expensive. They all carry a price.”

Support each other. Share and reshare.

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. Snow Globes by InkGirlWords

The world is a forest of snow globes,
Each globe a prison
Each person a prisoner.
So near yet so far.

Our small worlds are shaken often
Yet we cannot share our pain.
The glass prevents our words from escaping
And they echo perpetually
As the snow falls.

2. Bermuda – L. Stevens by Kristiana via Free Verse Revolution

The sun is long gone

and the stars are being

outshined by the

brightest moon of the year

The air is cool

but the spray from

the waves is warmer

than I expected

read the full piece here

3. 5 Reminders of Why You’re a Writer…by Jeremiah S Blanchard via Medium

Writing is a tough job. It’s an art that takes far more practice than anyone considers — especially the beginning writer.

You know it’s tough because you’ve been typing and scribbling away for a while now, and you haven’t caught any traction.

You haven’t reached your goal, or you’ve come close, but you still know there’s much more work to do.

This is just the beginning of the writer’s life.

Really — this is the writer’s life.

We all have this idea of our own personal “writer’s life.” Some of us envision sitting in a study surrounded by open books, ink spots on fresh parchment and a pair of spectacles teetering on the ends of our noses.

Some of us just want to finish that one breakout novel and send it out into the world just to say we finally did it.

Some of us just want to blog for a living.

Whatever your vision is of your writer’s life, it’s a very personal image that you hold sacred. But sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. Sometimes we lose track and put down the pen. All writers do.

You and I are both guilty of this treachery.

This is why you need to be reminded of why you’re a writer.

read the full article here

Book of the Month (June): Shatter by Michael Robotham

Hello All,
Before I get into it I’ve decided to take BOTM to a blog format over a vlog. I enjoy the vlog format a great deal but for every 10 minutes of footage, it takes a few hours of videoing and editing (although that probably speaks more to my skillsets). As I’ve taken on YouTube full-time, my filming schedule is demanding and, frankly, I can produce blogs faster. I am terribly aware that I missed May BOTM, I was still working out the kinks in my schedule and May fell through the cracks. So here we are, June Book of the Month. But, and as you will see, I believe it worked out quite well.


Not only is this a BOTM recommendation, I’m providing you a Summer Series read too! Summer Series is popular here on WordPress. I haven’t actively delved into a summer series recommendation as I tend to read several novels at one time (it’s like changing radio stations) I’m not as likely to stick to a series of novels consecutively but even I admit if there was ever a Summer Series recommendation I could make, it’s this one. Like always, I will present this recommendation from a ‘get to the point’ format. No need to deep dive, something either leaves an impression on you or it does not.

Shatter is the 3rd installment of the Joseph O’Loughlin series but is a fully-fleshed out novel in its own right – not requiring familiarity with the other novels in the series. Shatter is what introduced me to the O’Loughlin series (shoutout to my beloved local bookstore BookPeople – great recommendation as always – I miss your shelves and look forward to strolling them once more) and I’ve been mad for the collection since, and Michael Robotham in all honesty. A brilliant author and a favorite.

I adore a good mystery/thriller/suspense novel, I do, but I went off the genre for years as every time I picked up a new story it was actually the same old story. I can spot a red herring a mile away. I’m not trying to brag, it’s just my truth. I ruin television and movies for everyone, I really do. “Called it” has become my unintended life motto. You might recall from previous blogs my background is in psychology and counseling. I am trained to notice behavioral patterns – fiction is nothing but contrived behavioral patterns. It sucks seeing things a mile off. I’m never surprised anymore. But I tell you what does surprise me, when an author captures inner processes (feelings and thoughts). Robotham f*cking nails his characters, skin to bone. I’ve never read anything like it.

People are more or less familiar with Poe (warning! apples and oranges up ahead!) and if Poe can be credited with capturing abject misery of the soul, Robotham can be credited for capturing the essence of motivation and behavior. When he breaks down character processes, Robotham does it so well it’s seamless for the audience. I’m guessing his readers experience volumes of, ‘oh yeah, makes perfect sense, that’s exactly what I would have thought too, yep, yep, yep totally would have said that, totally would have done that…’ Reading Robotham is that equivalent of experience where you’re watching a play and then suddenly realize, ‘holy crap, I’m watching a play, I can’t believe this isn’t actually happening.’

I’ve read the O’Loughlin series and Shatter is prime Robotham. I do not mean to reduce this author to just one of his many brilliant works, not at all. Shatter just happened to mark that point of no return. Frankly, I have new expectations for the genre now. Human motivation and behavior should be the focal point of mystery/thriller, which begs the question…why the hell do I find behavioral drives to be absent in a genre that is all about behavioral drives? See? No going back.

Book of the Month (June): Shatter by Micahel Robotham

Summer Series: Jospeh O’Loughlin

Book 1
The Suspect

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4
Bleed for Me

Book 5
The Wreckage

Book 6
Say You’re Sorry

Book 7
Watching You

Book 8
Close Your Eyes

Book 9
The Other Wife

I am open to book recommendations, always. Please let me know what you’re reading or if there is a series you’re really into at the moment.

Happy Reading,
Christina Schmidt, MA

Please Know…

Hello All,

I am in a place of balancing my correspondence. Many of you will have noted my comments are not as frequent nor as thoughtful (the latter is a note-to-self perspective). Some of you are aware that I am a full-time YouTuber as well as writer and poet. My YouTube channel is time consuming (in a good way) and is growing. My client work is up and my general correspondence has increased.

Please know I may not get to the breadth and depth of your beautiful, wonderful thoughts here on WordPress (you know who are) but please know I read every single comment and your thoughts touch me. Truly. Sometimes I have a moment to hit “like” but I promise your thoughts about my work, and my general nonsense (there’s a lot of it, I’ll be honest), really do stay with me.

Emails are going to get to me faster and I can better provide you my attention. I’ve no doubt I will improve the balance of my social media commentary but for now just know that my comments may not be as frequent as I would like them to be.

Writing/Blog stuff:

Tarot stuff:

Your support and your thoughts are everything.

I can’t wait for the next vlog Q&A. Those are so fun and provide a nice break from the norm. The last Q&A was a blog, also fun to do but I enjoy the video format. Apparently, how I express myself is of great entertainment to some of you😆 😉


Literary Artists Tarot (June 2020)

[Pre-Script: I know I’m behind on Book of the Month…I know! It’s a comin’ I promise!]

Greetings Fellow Writers & Poets!

It’s that time for another Literary Artists Tarot (LAT), a tarot reading special just for my fellow writers and poets (artists in general, so one hopes).

These speciality readings will have limited appeal but I’m happy to do it for those who might like a little more insight (or just some fun ideas) regarding their literary projects.

Like last time, LAT is a 2-part reading. Part I is the base reading using The Literary Witches Oracle followed by Part II, a creative transformation reading for all 12 signs using the David Bowie inspired, Starman Tarot.

Christina “Sassy Scorpion

Please consider liking and subscribing to Sassy Scorpion Tarot. As you contribute your energies to my work, my work will better reflect your energies. 

Into 0:00
Base/Author Reading 2:30
Elements to Include 5:03
Sagittarius 9:55
Pisces 13:02
Gemini 17:00
Virgo 19:52
Aries 23:11
Cancer 25:25
Libra 30:23
Capricorn 34:58
Leo 37:58
Aquarius 41:25
Taurus 44:41
Scorpio 49:21

Not My Feeling (a poem)

Tomorrow Never Knows.
I have a pretty good idea.
About the next day.
The day after too.

Time is endless.
In the void.
A colorless, gray place.
Not my scene.
Not my feeling.
Here I am.

We all take turns here.
And it was mine.

There will come a shard of light.
A path made clear.

A passion felt.
I will move forward, in time.

Not My Feeling (a poem) by
Christina Schmidt, MA

Writer’s Lift Wednesday #15

This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing.

I found a lot of advice articles useful for writing and blogging. I was humored by the first article as it listed my number one character flaw cliche: clumsy, more so to describe a cute but bumbling adolescent girl.

I appreciate and agree with Hugh Roberts (2.). It is worth your effort to create an “About Me” or “About” page. I go to find more author/blogger info all the time and the information is just not there. You are your own advocate. Take a minute to create or update your About section, please.

Support each other. Share and reshare.

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. 5 Fake Character Flaws to Avoid by Sara Kopeczky via A Writer’s Path

You know this one: in order to come up with relatable characters for your story, you have to give them some flaws. Flaws make characters human, and the fact is that humans are far from being perfect. That being said, in recent fiction I have seen so much of what I call “fake flaws”, because they are not actually flaws: instead of adding depth to the character, they only add to their charming personality (boring).

This happens when the writer falls in love with his/her creation, instead of worrying about the readers who will start yawning at the endless descriptions of how perfect the character is. Anyhow, here are my top 5 most common fake character flaws that I’ve noticed in recent fiction:

Being clumsy: This particularly refers to girls. When you have a young female protagonist, and want people to like her and relate to her, especially if you are writing YA fiction, you cannot go wrong with giving your character a tiny little flaw of being really clumsy. Make sure she trips over things several times during the story. Seriously? They couldn’t come up with anything better? I doubt it.

Being nerdy: In bad writing, being into technology and/or science fiction makes you an overly intellectual person a.k.a. a nerd who is unable to hold a conversation with people. In real life, people are rarely that simple. If the biggest flaw a character has is rambling too much about tech stuff or just watching a particular TV show, it is still a flat character.

read the full article here

2. Why Every Blogger Should Have An About Me Page On Their Blog by Hugh W. Roberts via Hugh’s Views and News

Simply put, it’s a page where the owner of a blog gives some details about themselves and their blog. If done correctly, the ‘About me‘ page can be one of the main vehicles for building trust and connecting with your audience.

Take a look at the image below. It shows the stats (as on 24th May, 2020) of the most viewed articles on my blog. I’ve highlighted my ‘About me’ page.

read the full article here, also includes screenshots

3. Why Writers Should Read Crap by Larry Kahaner via A Writer’s Path

All writers get the same advice. Read the great writers; study the great works. Learn how seasoned, professional, and successful authors get the job done. All true, but I maintain that it’s also crucial for writers to read crap to learn what not to do.

How do you know what’s crap? It’s not a book that didn’t sell well, although that sometimes may be a clue. It’s not one that received bad reviews either. Some of the world’s greatest books have garnered negative comments from critics. Crappy writing is like the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on what constitutes pornography. You know it when you see it. And you know it because you’ve mainly been reading good writing.

More concrete indications of bad prose are sections that make you go “Huh?” or that make you laugh because they’re so ridiculous even though the author meant it to be serious. It’s prose that’s boring, even if you can’t articulate why your mind is wandering. Crappy writing just doesn’t sound right to your ear.

Other bad writing signs include no variation in sentence length, too much telling instead of showing, overshowing, no drama, no emotion, backstories that are too long, unnecessary detail, and on and on. I’m not talking about mechanical problems with grammar or lapses in POV or tense but simple, bad freakin’ writing.

read the full article here

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