Random Nonsense [Discontinued]

I will truly miss my Random Nonsense posts, there was so much of it! Some of y’all were really into my nonsense (I do tend to be expressive, apparently that’s the appeal) which makes my discontinuation that much harder.

Several RN posts were removed. If you are looking for one in particular, please know I could not collect and convert them all. If you can’t find a post by keyword searching, then it was removed.

The Gym Diaries: Quarantine Edition

Christina’s Soundtrack: Quarantine Edition

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Christina’s Soundtrack: Volume II

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Christina’s Soundtrack

The Gym Diaries (because I keep getting asked for it, lol)

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Intermittent Fasting (from a Hypothyroid Perspective)

Hypothyroidism (HT)

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Inkbox Tattoos, A Review

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