Trellis (a poem)

I looked to the past To see a future Coming back to the hill as I did Vision restored Last day An empty place Midst the horror that is COVID-19 No goodbyes Just as well Silence increasingly rare Still but for the restlessness in me A quiet parting at The trellis, my favorite feature UnassumingContinue reading “Trellis (a poem)”

Where Souls Meet (a poem)

You were in the most beautiful dream We said our goodbyes on that Golden plane Where souls meet Saying what we could not Embracing as we could not With our bodies Back on earth I’ll say no more You were there PS – I’ve never posted from the mobile app before. If the formatting isContinue reading “Where Souls Meet (a poem)”

The Kiss (a poem)

Originally posted on ArmedWithCoffee:
Only moments known to them. Precious and fleeting. Moments here. Moments there. Two sets of eyes fixed. Signaling their unspoken truths. Warm smiles, issuing weathered conversation. Close and never touching. Weeks, months worth of such moments. Was all they had. Enough to see them through. Until the next moment. An alignment…

Poetry — Perpetually Past Due

A re-blog. It’s the warmth of a summer sun pressing through and pouring between the gaps of illuminated tree leaves; it’s the peaceful, calming noise of pouring rain that trickles through gutter and pipe; it is imagery conjured into something more real than the spell of any grey-bearded sorcerer or maiden, mother, and crone. AttemptsContinue reading “Poetry — Perpetually Past Due”

In Light (a poem)

Everything worth knowing once held in those light-obscured rooms Rooms emptied, now saturated by the sun Truth amidst the dancing motes in the weaning afternoon light Anything worth knowing remained Evidence not much had changed by the absence of the things And yet in light, there is warmth hope, breath not yet had Realized byContinue reading “In Light (a poem)”