Beautiful Creature (a poem)

You absolute beautiful creature Perfect as you are Wild hair back straight easy gait Shy smile crooked tooth open, unafraid gaze Nothing else to do just you being you We should all take a page from your book Just need to check if I have any blank pages left Beautiful Creature (a poem) by ChristinaContinue reading “Beautiful Creature (a poem)”

In Light (a poem)

Everything worth knowing once held in those light-obscured rooms Rooms emptied, now saturated by the sun Truth amidst the dancing motes in the weaning afternoon light Anything worth knowing remained Evidence not much had changed by the absence of the things And yet in light, there is warmth hope, breath not yet had Realized byContinue reading “In Light (a poem)”

Two Poems, 2002

I went creeping through my old journals today, dating back to 2002. I was probably meant to be paying attention in class (college) while scratching these out. “Attic Movers” The attic movers are at it again They’re stirring up things that ought to be dead With steel dusters they fling up Things that I wantContinue reading “Two Poems, 2002”