Mouth (an erotic poem)

This one is a bit twisty. My appreciation of “tasking” wouldn’t stop as I was developing this piece. I respect the process; how I see it is how I see it. Decidedly free verse poetry. I’ve paid homage to a powerful encounter with “The Kiss” but I never really addressed the importance of that firstContinue reading “Mouth (an erotic poem)”

A Pep Talk to Writers and Poets

My fellow writers and poets. WordPress has become saturated, positively inundated, with overnight blogs with one main point of discussion: COVID-19. Meanwhile, I have noticed a sharp decline in your releases. I’m not calling anyone out, I am merely pointing out. You guys, I’m begging you, do not stop creating. Do stop from releasing. WhatContinue reading “A Pep Talk to Writers and Poets”

The Kiss (a poem)

Originally posted on ArmedWithCoffee (AWC):
Only moments known to them. Precious and fleeting. Moments here. Moments there. Two sets of eyes fixed. Signaling their unspoken truths. Warm smiles, issuing weathered conversation. Close and never touching. Weeks, months worth of such moments. Was all they had. Enough to see them through. Until the next moment. An…