Literary Artists Tarot (June 2020)

[Pre-Script: I know I’m behind on Book of the Month…I know! It’s a comin’ I promise!] Greetings Fellow Writers & Poets! It’s that time for another Literary Artists Tarot (LAT), a tarot reading special just for my fellow writers and poets (artists in general, so one hopes). These speciality readings will have limited appeal butContinue reading “Literary Artists Tarot (June 2020)”

[Re-Posting] Tarot for Writers & Poets

[Apologies for the re-post. The original YouTube link didn’t take or broke from the posting date on Friday. Fun with technology. Thanks for hanging in there y’all.] Greetings Fellow Writers & Poets! I am SO pleased to bring you this special tarot reader segment: Literary Artists Tarot, a tarot reading just for writers and poets!Continue reading “[Re-Posting] Tarot for Writers & Poets”

Career Readings Available

Hello All, The new weekly readings are available on YouTube! This week’s focus: Career Tarot (monthly). I am linking Libra’s reading below. To see your sign, please visit my channel Sassy Scorpion Tarot, and while you’re there, consider liking and subscribing. As you contribute your energies to my work, my work better reflects you. VIDEOContinue reading “Career Readings Available”

Sassy Scorpion Tarot / New Reading Schedule

Hello All, The new weekly readings are available on YouTube! I have made several adjustments based on feedback and I am pleased to say the lighting is stable and the framing is more balanced. Everything is looking and sounding A LOT more solid. Even more visual improvements to come when my new camera arrives. IContinue reading “Sassy Scorpion Tarot / New Reading Schedule”

Tarot Readings for April 12th: Health, Wellness and Sex

Hello All, My weekly tarot readings from Sassy Scorpion Tarot are available! This week’s focus in the readings are Health, Wealthness, and Sex. I’ve linked off the video for Scorpio below. To find your sign’s tarot reading for Health, Wellness, and Sex, please visit Sassy Scorpion Tarot on YouTube. Consider Liking and Subscribing. By addingContinue reading “Tarot Readings for April 12th: Health, Wellness and Sex”

What’s Your Sign? + Vlog, Bonus Tarot Reading for Scorpios

Hey y’all! I got a new camcorder and I’m taking it for a test drive. After I dropped the fact that I read tarot cards in my last vlog (22:10) a common question was, “What’s your sign?” Enjoy! Also, I’m providing a collective tarot reading to my fellow Scorpios. I hope you love this readingContinue reading “What’s Your Sign? + Vlog, Bonus Tarot Reading for Scorpios”